How Syncing and Deleting Works? What should I do different?

OKAY, me again, sorry…

i do sort, rename, delete, files and folders at my “seeding” drive…

the result on my receiving side is: image

it is just not doing it…

do i only need to wait very long? it does not show sync progress (nothing is downloaded)

some files are not deleted and they are local changes now… :-/

What are the failed items?

Also given a synology is involved, did you check the ignore permission option there is set?

the failed ones are gone now the ignore permissions is set… on synology side (the sender) and on windows side ( receiver)

All the out-of-sync items still remain? There shouldn’t be out-of-sync items without failed items when the folder is not in the process of syncing. Anything in the log?

The local changes say “0B”, probably because they are deleted. This means from Syncthings point of view those files are locally deleted, but not on the remote. However you are saying they are deleted everywhere? Could you get the output of querying for one of these files please.

it is still looking like this:

logfile is attached syncthing log 200615.txt (189.3 KB)

i get back with the query output, when i know how :wink:

For windows: [ How To ] call the REST API from Windows PowerShell

For curl (anywhere else probably):

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okay, since the receiving side is windows, i followed your windows link/steps, here is the output: response.xml (10.1 KB)

( Don’t know/understand if i should do it with another path or file, which one then )

sorry for being linux noob :-/

all renames or deletes are still not done after a week at thr receivers side

That’s the output of the config endpoint, not /rest/db/file. Your URL needs to look something like 'http://localhost:8384/rest/db/file?folder=792we-gdmch&file=_Gamez/...'. On linux it’s much simpler than windows, just open a command line and enter curl -X GET -H "X-API-Key: *yourapikey*" 'http://localhost:8384/rest/db/file&folder=...' (inserting the appropriate values).

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Also, as the log file shows Syncthing is panicking (crashing) it may help if you could find the panic files and upload one. They’ll be in the same folder as the log.

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Ah didn’t look at the log at all yet, thanks for the hint. As it happens while pulling, the panic is likely to be, which is fixed in v1.7.0-rc.1. The panic file @ProactiveServices asked for would show if that’s the case.

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wow, thanx for your noob-patience!

ok. here is the query of one of those 0B Locally Changed Items : response2.xml (1.0 KB)

what i did on the sender side was only: delete Folders or I renamed them from (for example) _Gamez\FULL.Civilization III
to _Gamez\Civilization III

thank you! :-*

here are some logs, that ProactiveServices talked about: Syncthing (1.8 MB)

The panic is due to a bug in 1.6.1 I think, so you can upgrade to the latest RC, but the logs clearly state that you are out of disk space…

the out of disk space is an old error, from weeks ago i have 126GB free space…

here is the latest panic log panic-20200619-102312.log (83.1 KB)

i try with v1.7.0-rc.1 now :wink:

Thanks for the info. the rest output shows that the file is deleted locally and globally, but with different versions. that should be fixed by pulling, which panicked. so once the panic is fine I’d expect it to resolve itself.

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it seems that something is going on now :wink: ( it stalled for more than a week)

lets see how it ends :wink:

You already have failed items, so it will never complete. You most likely renamed a directory by just it’s case which caused this.

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its still running… looks better than when i started weeks ago :smiley:

lets see how it ends. :wink:

what about renaming just case sensitively different, syncthing cannot proper deal with that?

btw: i have not touched any file locally

by the way, why do i always get so many errors? so often its just not plain syncing here

do i have too many files? is it because i switch on my “receiver” only every 2 weeks or so ?