how should i avoid sync some of this folders?

hello sorry if i am quite posting in here , i would like to ask how would i avoid this folders from not being sync . i am having a hard time under standing ignore patters , can you help me with my problem . thank you i just need to sync THIS .VCF and VDF so steam manifest will just be updated

Its explained in the documentation, suggest you start there.

yeah i read those but i dont understand much of it -_- sorry

For all the details, please read up the documentation at

In this specific case, if you only want to sync the files and nothing deeper in the folders, then you can simply add the following to your ignore patterns. The folders themselves will still be synced, but they will end up being just empty. This method is simpler than negating each of them in the ignore patterns separately.


I’m assuming that steamapps is the path that you’ve added to Syncthing. If it’s not, and it’s a child of yet another Syncthing folder, then you will need to use steamapps/*/ in your patterns instead.

so if i type in ignore patterns steamapps/*/

the other folders will be ignored and only .vdf and .acf will be overwrite ? sorry mate , i really dont understand that much the documentation about ignoring files . but i do appreciate your help

Yeah, only the files will sync. The subfolders themselves will exist there too, but they will be empty.

what do you mean they will be empty? like empty empty? i think i can’t do that cos they had the games in common folders

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