How much system resources should the relay server use?

Hey, I have been running two relay servers for a few weeks and am curious about how much CPU I can expect it to be using. One of the servers is on ARM and the main process sits around 50% CPU often spiking to 100%. The second server is 32bit KVM, and while it has more sessions+connections, it sits around 30% and doesn’t spike up much.

The only difference in the servers other than the obvious differences is that the ARM server is quadcore and the KVM server is single core. According to sysbench, the ARM server is more powerful/faster than the KVM server, yet it’s using more resources for strelay – even though it even has less activity then it.

Is this normal, or a possible bug? Problem with ARM, core affinity, or? Thanks!

Try running perf topor perf report to see where it’s spending most of the time.

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