How many ports must be open and can they be changed?

I am attempting to get this software to work but before I go too far, I need to know how greedy it is port wise. I have very few ports available to me so I may need to look for something else.

How many ports does this software need to work?

Right now it’s running into brick walls trying to open a bunch of high port #'s and that’s not going to work for me.

Can it be configured to use 1 or 2 ports only?


You can probably get away with zero listening ports, just outgoing ports as long as the other side has a listening port. There are ports for ui, protocol which is tcp and udp for local discovery.

Ok I sort got it working and not sure how. I tried to force port 443 as it works at both home and office. At first it did not appear to work, then I restarted at home. Then it started working and worked until I paused sync at my work location. Then it never worked again until I restarted at home. Then noticed it was going through some kind of relay so for the heck of it, I removed the forced port number and went back to dynamic on the work side. Again it required me to restart at home but again it is working but via that relay. Now I can give it 2 more ports but I would rather not leave my home router open if I don’t have to.

I am not too worried about the gui as everytime I restart at home, the port # changes and I have to find it so I won’t be using it often.

So would 2 ports do the trick if I forgot about the gui?


As I’ve already explained, you can get away with zero incoming ports, so by definition, 2 is more than zero.

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Ok I finally got it going …working good between office and home. When I set it up on my phone I started getting duplicate folders but now that is working as well.

Newbie ? : Is it normal for this to use a relay? I am taking someone’s bandwidth or is it just using the relay to find open ports? Thanks.

Using a relay means the connection is going via someone else as neither side has a port open on the internet. Given you have a port shortage, I guess you just have to deal with it.

If you can have the default port 22000 open towards the internet that will improve things for you. No need to go full “zero ports open” unless you have very odd requirements.

It’s not a problem for me, I just didn’t want to cause problems for the relay by using up his bandwidth.

I can open what I want at home, but limited at work do to firewall. I can do 3 ports, but fairly certain they can only be tcp. Does discovery have to be udp? Thanks.

Local discovery (over local network) is UDP, global discovery is http.

Thanks - I will give it a try this weekend…

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