How long are you planning to leave the banner on the Syncthing home page?

I feel that the banner on the Syncthing homepage and on the forum is a bit distracting. It’s great that the foundation made donations to charity but I wonder if that really is important enough to put a banner on every page of the Syncthing website and on the forum. Especially considering the fact that it just points to a two year old locked forum post.

Yeah we should do something new for the cause, it’s on me that we’ve been lazy and it slip.


It would be nice if the Syncthing project would raise its voice against the war in Ukraine. Protesting against such a terrible waste of human life is hopefully a cause we can all get behind.

For the people who want to help we could link to the donation page of the Ukrainian Red Cross:



I agree and am doing my tiny little bit by protesting and donating personally. We are already discussing in the foundation if/how/what exactly the foundation might do here.

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