How does Syncthing handle kicking off server side commands in the web GUI?


I’ve been using and following the development of Syncthing for over a year now and am really thrilled with it. I really love the way the web GUI works and would like to implement something similar in a project involving a web GUI written in python and the ZFS file system. I wasn’t exactly sure how to handle a web GUI calling server side commands in a clean manner. I’d probably be either calling the ZFS commands with shell scripts, or with a python wrapper.

Sycnthing seems to handle executing server side commands extremely well, how is this implemented? Any advice, or pointers on this approach and how to get started would be appreciated!

(I don’t know if this is the right location for this, so feel free to move it if needed)


Just read about rest api’s.

Gotcha, I did find the documentation and was reading through the rest API section. Sorry I should have done more research before posting. Feel free to delete this thread as I’m sure any questions I have in the future will be a bit more… specific.


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No worries. So in principle it’s an HTTP server that accepts POSTs to specific paths and acts on that by doing stuff.