How does ST deal with folder timestamps?


It seems I did not properly mirror my large repo by hand, and now syncing them remotely with winscp is not preserving folders’ timestamps, so I will end up with a slave having “newer” folders with “same-date” files…

What will Syncthing do in that scenario? Will it sync timstamps, transfer the whole lot or something else?

Thanks in advance! MadOp.

If “timestamp of folder” and “Directory Modification Times” are same thing, then FAQ should help. From things that are and are not synced i understand that it will check if folders has been changed, then if files has been changed and then do nothing. Otherwise i don’t know what timestamp really means or i have fake idea how checking for changes work, so feel free to correct me.

What we check for: Symlinks: Directories: Files:

TL;DR For dirs, we only care if it exists or not and has the right permissions (subject they are not ignored), for files we care about mtimes.

Good, I will go forward with this then.

Thanks a ton to both of you, it´s great to see such a helpful forum!

You help is much appreciated. Regards.