How do sync multiple folders properly??

Hi!! So basically I am trying to move away from Google and it’s services… which means that I should sync all my photos across various devices and currently I do manual backup to my external harddisks… Sooo my phone has multiple folders, like the DCIM and the Pictures folders and if say I use a fancy app to take pictures etc they get stores somewhere else in the device storage… I know that i can probably just sync the whole phone storage… like containing everything from whatsapp, telegram and other folders too but I already have a folder where I put all those things… so Im sort of confused now because I just want to have one folder on syncthing called “Photos” which should have photos from all these different folders… and then I want to be able to easily sync to other devices like my laptop so I can do regular manual copies to my harddisks…

Currently I see that I can only sync one folder at a time and I don’t really know how to deal with this… can someone please help??

Yes, it’s either one directory/path/… at a time as one “Syncthing folder” or you create one folder for the entire storage and use ignore patterns to only sync those paths you actually want:

However beware that Android imposes restrictions on how Syncthing can access the filesystem. It should be able to read most things, but cannot write in many places.

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