How do linked devices act together ?

Hi, There is something I don’t understand exactly. Let’s have 3 devices : Master, Slave1 and Slave2. They share the same directory from the master and both slaves were added. So the master knows both of them and they each know the master. But they do not know each other. If so, are they able to exchange directly together when distributing files from the master or not ? Or does it happens only if they know each other ? Thanks.

Devices will only talk to devices with which were added to each other. So if you haven’t set your master as introducer on the two slaves, they won’t know each other and won’t sync to each other; only to the master.

Thanks ! And if the master is set as introducer, the slaves will know each other, but do they still have to be added to each other to collaborate ?

The will be added to each other automatically by syncthing itself.

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