How do I un-like a post?

Immediately after creating an account here I received an oddly congratulatory notification that I had “liked” an arbitrary post that I’d skimmed past a few minutes ago. I don’t particularly like that post any more than I like the rest of the posts on this site. How can I remove this special status from it?

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Click the like button once more.

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The neon pink hand? Nothing happens when I click that.

Then it’s potentially a bug in the forum software, or something with your browser, as it works fine for me. Try a different browser.

I’ve tried two different browsers to the same effect. The button is rendered with disabled="true".

You have a finite amount of time to change your mind.

(This is the default. I care not one way or the other really. And it probably doesn’t apply to Audrius as he has magic powers here.)

I was wondering what about that post it was you really liked… I liked your original post here instead so we are even.

Alright, thanks. Just found this for precedent—tough love from the Discourse team, so I guess that’s settled.

It would have helped me if the name of this forum software was more discoverable. I had to search for "post undo action window mins" to figure it out.

Indeed many things about Discourse and the development process behind it are inscrutable.

Unless you pay them… Then you are a wizard.