How do I tell if an upload is complete?

I’m uploading syncing to a remote directory but I don’t know when to tell my friend that it’s safe to access the files.

As soon as the file has its final name, it’s done. During upload, a temporary file is used.

What about multiple files though? I’m uploading an entire directory of content.

Is there a “sync complete” feedback in the web interface or something?

You have completion percentages.

The “Syncing (56%)”?


It doesn’t seem to change… even if I refresh the web interface. It’s just perpetually stuck at 56%. I’ve restarted my machine twice and relaunched syncthing twice.

Screenshots would help here, as there are multiple reasons why it could be stuck at 56%.

In the current version, Syncthing will only update the percent value when a file is complete, because the other node doesn’t report anything about incomplete files.

If you have a big file in your shared folder, it’s currently transferring that file. Check the upload speed and size, to see if it is uploading.

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