How do I setup encryption during 1-way xfer from Cloud to Local machine?

Current setup (1-way sync): Cloud server (v1.18.6) sending files to Local server (v1.19.0) receiving files

Goal: Setup encryption during transit from Cloud to Local machine

Problem: Can’t figure out how to set this up. Can someone help me understand what I need to do to enable encryption during 1-way sync to achieve my goal?

Current assumption - I need to:

  1. On Cloud server: set a password on the folder being shared
  2. On Local server: enable receive encrypted on the folder receiving (under advanced)

Note: On my Local server the option ‘received encrypted’ is disabled - not sure how to enable it.

You don’t need to do anything, transfer is always encrypted.
Those passwords are only to encrypt data at rest on untrusted devices, not about transfer - that’s an entirely different concept.


Thank you for explaining!

Does this mean you only want in-transit encryption?
There are plenty of cases where you’d want files to remain encrypted once they arrive on the other side, but I also notice you phrased the question implying your files would remain encrypted on the local machine, which would be an unusual case! :wink:

An important follow-up question: Do you want your files to be readable by users of the machine you have named Cloud?

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