How do I set up three-way synchronization?

I want to mirror sync three devices, a Windows 10 PC, an android Readme Note 8 pro smartphone and a Raspberry pi4 running the Raspbian Boolworm operating system. I need it to be reflected on the rest of the devices when changing/adding/deleting files in the sync folder on any of the devices. I have a Windows computer I have set up a folder D:\SHARE\SYNCTHING\Sync , on an android smartphone, I specified the folder /storage/55B5-BAF0/0_Sync (the Syncthing application has access rights to the folder) on Raspbian, I specified the /home/username/Sync folder. Here are screenshots from all devices:


Windows 10:


What am I doing wrong? Please tell me how to properly set up mirror synchronization of three devices. Thanks!

By the looks of it, you configured some devices to be an introducer to each other - which is conflicting and not supported. I’d start with just disabling that setting overall (and only enable it when you have a use-case where you actually need it, it currently doesn’t sound like it).

To do this, go to the “Remote devices” part of the GUI on each node, edit each device there and uncheck the “Introducer” checkbox in the “Sharing” tab.

That should at least get rid of the big yellow warnings at the top. From then on you’ll have to check the folder configurations - make sure the sharing settings are correct there.

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