How do I make all devices forget a device?

Scenario: I had a tablet with Syncthing on it that died. The device isn’t coming back. It was sharing a folder with multiple other devices on multiple operating systems, and several of those devices are forever syncing at 99% because they think the dead device has the latest version of the file.

I’ve removed the dead device from all other devices I control, but the forever-syncing ones now display the first section of the dead device’s ID instead of its name. I was hoping that since I control the Introducer and I removed the dead device from the Introducer, that would fix the problem, but it hasn’t.

Is there any way of fixing this, short of accessing all the devices and removing the dead device manually? Most of the other devices are used by non-technical people who rely on SyncTrayzor to keep Syncthing running and up to date.


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Removing from the introducer will remove on the other devices as well, depending on when it was added. If the device was introduced before we added the feature to do removals from introducers it will not be removed, because the required information on how the device was introduced was not reecorded at that time…

Wow, that was complex to explain. The short of it:

  • If the device was recently added to the introducer, removing it should also remove it on the introducer clients.
  • If it was added a long time ago or the clients are old versions, you need to remove it manually everywhere.

Given that it sounds like you did remove it from the introducer and it’s still there on the other devices, you probably need to manually remove it everywhere.

Okay. Yeah; some of these devices have been around since v0.12. They may also have been introduced by a different Introducer that’s also currently dead (will resurrect when I can afford new hardware; right now the Introducer is on a Raspberry Pi).


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