How do I get email notifications?

I have hunted all though the settings but I can only find settings about notifications in the browser, which is no good to me. How do I get email notifications for a topic I have opened? (I don’t think I am just being stupid. On all the other forums I have ever used there are easy to find settings for this!)

I have searched the forum and read various topics including this one:

but i am no wiser

Your avatar, the cog, “Emails” on the left.

Thanks. So I was being stupid.

However, this was already ticked, and I have not yet got any emails: " Send me an email when someone quotes me, replies to my post, mentions my @username, or invites me to a topic"

And, now I am there, what does " Include an excerpt of replied to post in emails" mean? Is this when I reply, or someone else does? Don’t get what this means.

There is a small note below that is relevant:

It didn’t really become any easier to read from my highlighting, but whatever… Apart from that I have no idea, I don’t use emails here. is the place to discuss their forum software.

Thanks. Of course, the vagaries of the forum software are a topic for elsewhere. :slight_smile:

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