How do i configure Syncthing to have a receive folder only


I had a master folder… but when i modified a file from the other computer, i have de button to override changes. But how can i ignore theses modification.

Why they have created the button if we don’t have the choice ?

thanx for you folder

receive only: wait for to get merged

otherwise I don’t understand what you mean… master works exactly how it should, it does not accepting changes from other devices.

I try to explain to you my utilisation with Syncthing.

i create a master folder on my smartphone and a normal folder on the computer.

On my smartphone i copy photo from my smartphone to this folder. Copied photo sync with the folder to my computer.

If i had a file to computer folder i don’t want to sync it to my smartphone.

so if later i want to override changes for one file in particulary how can i make it ?

sorry for my english i’m french

You cannot. You can hit “override” on the phone to override all files (in that folder) that have been changed on the computer.

ok so the solution is : never click this button…

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