How do I change the path of the trash folder?

Is the default trash directory ~/.stversion/ or in the folder itself (so for the starting default folder ~/Sync/.stversion? If it is the latter, this completely resolves my question.

My home directory is located on a relatively small SSD. I mount a data folder in my home partition. This is partition where most of the files I want to sink will reside (probably only sync one folder of small text files in my home directory). I would like to define the trash location to be on this partition.

Is it only possible to define the path for .stversions with the staggered file versioning or through a custom script? Can I use the default trash or simple file versioning with the trash not located at /home/myUser/.stversions?

The .stversions folder lives in the root of the folder being synchronized. So e.g. ~/Sync/.stversions.

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You cannot modify the stversions folder location. You can however reimplement the versioning in some external tool and make it move stuff somewhere else than .stversions via the external versioner.