How do I add a remote device?

I have a phone (android), a laptop (linux mint) and a desktop (linux mint). The desktop comes with an ethernet cable, then I share the internet via wi-fi (hotspot). I can see my phone on my desktop, but I can’t see my laptop. I can’t see the desktop on the laptop, but I can see the phone, and I can also see the pause icon in the tab on the laptop browser. What do I need to do to add a laptop to sync? All devices have Syncthing v1.23.0

I don’t have any problems with my Android phone(M2010J19SY). I can’t find my laptop.

You’re using a non-default config (e.g. see Listeners and Discovery). This really should have been mentioned in the very beginning. You need to at least specify exactly which settings you’ve changed and which values are used for Listeners in particular, as right now something is clearly not working (hence the 0/1 next to it).

Screenshots of all related settings will be very welcome.

I deleted the config and restarted the application and everything worked as it should. Thanks a lot for your help! This problem has been driving me crazy for a couple days. 23036074615

I used my old config.xml to save all my settings, but the program doesn’t work with it and I don’t know why. It’s not very convenient because every time I install it, I have to configure the program all over again by clicking on the checkboxes and filling in the input fields.

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