How can the folder path be changed?

OS: Windows 7 - When I select Edit, the Folder Path field is not editable.



It shouldn’t be ideally, as this will result in the assumption that all of your files are gone. If you are really sure what you are doing, make sure the program is not running, move the files to the new path, edit config.xml by hand and start again.


That, or I guess remove the folder, restart, move the files, add the folder again and restart again. Yes it’s a bit cumbersome, but this is a situation with high potential for shooting yourself in the foot…

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Anyone who knows to edit the config file should know they’re taking their life into their hands.

Average users will probably either:

  • Give up, thinking it can’t be done.
  • Create a new repository with a different name pointing at the new location, and copy/move over the files, which should work (mostly) safely, though it’s inconvenient, and you have to change the repository name.
  • Remove the repository, move the files, and recreate the repository, like @calmh said. The problem is they have to do this in the right order.

Seems like this should probably be an option in the interface, with appropriate warnings and safeguards. That way Pulse can move the files and change the config while making sure nothing bad happens.


It would be nice to be able to select and copy the folderpath. So if i misstype the Foldername or the Repositoryname, i dont have to enter the full path again, when i make a new Repo

Yes! That it’s impossible to change path in the GUI right now is just because the effects of doing so are unexpected and bad. This should be fixed at some point.

It’s selectable for me in chrome & safari at least?

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Hmm, on Windows - FireFox 33 I cannot. The mouse changes into a stop sign and I cannot select anything. In IE 11 I can.

I tried to build Pulse with

<input name="folderPath" ng-readonly="editingExisting" ...

instead of

<input name="folderPath" ng-disabled="editingExisting" ...

and I can select (it still shows the stop sign, but selecting is possible).

I never made a commit in github, but I would like to try if you consider it “worthy” of a commit. :wink:

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A fix is a fix, however small it is :slight_smile:

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Great, I worked my way through some HowTos and requested now a pull. :dragon:

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