How can i use the Intellij IDEA develop syncthing?

hi everybody: Can i use the Intellij IDEA develop syncthing? i want to use the Intellij IDEA debug syncthing,and build syncthing,if can do,please tell me how can do? thanks

I’m sure you can. There is a Go module for it to give syntax highlighting and so on. Configure it to use go run build.go as build command, and you should be mostly set.

I couldn’t config well , is there the teach document?

No there isn’t. And I am not aware of anyone using that IDE, so you are on your own.

Which IDE that can use?

Here are some top hits on the subject from Google:

It took me less than a minute to find them by the obvious search, so I think there may be more material out there if you look around. :wink:

Thank you! I have success install the go-plugin into intellij idea,, and i have success build the syncthing that use the teach document, that build the syncthing in DOS. now i want to use the intellij idea ,develop the syncthing and debug syncthing ,i didn’t kow how can i do that ?

I don’t know, I don’t use it. For developing, the usual cycle is “type in code, compile it, fix errors, repeat”. :wink:

Which develop tool that you use ?

I use LiteIDE. Syncthing does not have a GUI apart from webpage, so it will always be just aa “DOS” application.

LiteIDE supports breakpoints though I never used it properly. I personally debug just by adding log lines, and checking the output.

thank AudriusButkevicius and calmh!!

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