how can I use syncthing in Kubernetes

I want to know how to uses syncthing to establish a connection with Pod? Is it kubectl port-forward? Does it need discover server for syncthing connect to Pod? I have try to start syncthing one in Pod and one in my macOS, but i can connect to syncthing in the pod. so please help, thakns

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  1. Syncthing in kubernetes?!
  2. You probably have better chances for getting an answer in a kubernetes forum

I just want to know if possible connect syncthing in Pod and my local macOS, thanks you

You’d need to setup port forward througout, on the router, your machine, and pod itself (that is assuming the pod is running on your machine) at pod creation time. Kubectl port-forward won’t help here unless you don’t use discovery and configure ips and ports manually.

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