How can I resolve "Out of Sync" error that's not going away by itself?

Hi all,

I have 3 x machines. Two running POP!_OS. One running in Docker.

Installed Syncthing and running well on all.

However, my Development folder is, this morning out of sync. It’s been like that all morning and not progressed.

The files are things like __pycache__ files but also CSV files I’m working on. So things that are important and need to be sync’d.

Is there a method to force the re-sync?

I’m not using versioning or anything fancy. Just straight up, two way sycn with default settings for everything.

Thanks so much

You should check what the errors are and fix them. Also, syncing pycache files is probably not smart.

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Good idea re pycache. They are now ignored.

I looked in the logs area from the actions menu but see nothing in regard to being out of sync. Is there somewhere else I should be looking?

Adding to this further. Other forums on syncthing have told me to click on the Out of sync items list. The interface says 16 items, ~29.8 KiB.

I click that link to show the dialog with Out of Sync Items as the header.

It has a paginated dialog, with Reused Copied from original Copied from elsewhere Downloaded Downloading across the top.

But there is nothing showing in the list. It’s empty. There are 16 files out of sync but no indication of what these are.

Any ideas that I can try anyone? Thank you

There’s something wrong with the count of needed files then. That is separate from the actual list of needed files, as evident from the discrepancy you see.

What Syncthing version are you on?

I had a similar experience when adding “.DS_Store” to my .stignore (it’s a Mac thing - because the colleague I’m syncing with has a Mac). When I reorganised our shared directory I noticed that some directories I had moved later reappeared in their old places, apparently empty, and the GUI was saying “Out of sync” with these zombie directories listed as the files that were needing to be sync’d.

Manually deleting the .DS_Store files fixed the problem. For now, I’ve removed my .stignore.

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