How can I make sure syncthing is using local network only?

Hey guys, I am new here , big fan of this program but new to this forum.

I have a issue, I use synthing like 99.9% of the times on a local wifi network but still get a very slow update. Like I am trying to update few files in a small folder (relatively, 40MB of transfer) and it is taking forever to do that. My ADSL service is very slow so I prefer to use syncthing locally when I can. I am not sure how this system works. I seen people use couple of option to do that (on Youtube) but still not working well for me. How can I make sure it is running locally? Also is there a tutorial or something for getting better using synthing? I only know the basics in GUI interface and know a little bit about how to setup a .stignore file , like to learn more about this program.

Syncthing connects through the local network as long as it can. Can you post screenshots of the Syncthing Web GUI from both sides when you experience the slow transfers again? You can also check the type of connection used at the moment yourself by unfolding each remote device in the GUI (or even just by looking at the “signal strength” icons next to remote devices - local network has got the most bars).

When it comes to learning about Syncthing, I would suggest to start with simply reading the documentation at Of course, you can skip the more advanced sections like debugging, development, etc. if you’re just a regular user.

Thank you for your help, on one side it is an Android phone so the GUI is different. But on my laptop I can see now that the connection has no signal. How can I troubleshoot this? I am using tor as proxy but it is only relaying my browser via a extension. I should not effect the syncthing, the browser link is only is there to connect to my syncthing local server, right?


Is there anything else I should screenshot?

The screenshot is enough to say that you were not using a direct local connection at that moment but rather a relayed connection which can indeed be much slower.

Please provide more details on the type of network, router, and devices involved. There are some basic steps to check but they are dependent on the specific operating system, etc. so more details are needed to do proper troubleshooting.

Hello guys. Tomasz86 u said “Syncthing connects through the local network as long as it can.” What about if there’s no LAN in my place and my pc connected via USB tethering cable to a mobile phone (Cellular mobile network). Do u know any way I can use Syncthing without LAN ?

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