How can I create .stignore file @window...?

How can I create .stignore file @window…?? The system shown that I should give-it main filename , like a.stignore b.stignore

can not be .stignore…

sorry for my question… it window explorer limitation… If I use notepad or other text editor and then save to .stignore will be okay…

If you name the file .stignore. in Explorer, it will trim the last . and won’t complain about the lack of file extension.

How do you create the .stignore file on a Mac? I tried using text editor but it adds a .rtf as an extension.

So this is easily answered by just Googling the obvious terms, which is what I had to do. But since I did, and the process is needlessly convoluted, here’s the answer using the built in tools (TextEdit)…

  1. Choose Format -> Make Plain Text in the menu.
  2. Choose File -> Save As...
  3. In the save dialog, uncheck If no extension is provided, use ".txt"
  4. Type the file name as .stignore and hit Save
  5. In the dialog that pops up to warn you about dotfiles being system reserved, hit Use "."

Or just use the Syncthing GUI.

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