How can I configure Syncthing from command line to share a specific folder with a specific ID?

How can I configure Syncthing from command line to share a folder with another computer with a specific ID?


Having looked in a bit into the matter, using Syncthing from command line on Linux seems to be possible but requires either editing the configuration file or using the REST API.

How can I configure Syncthing to share a specific folder on the server computer with another computer that has a specific ID?


Platform: Linux

Restrictions: Looking for scriptable solution without using the GUI

Edit the config file or use the REST API. :slight_smile:

There is also an outdated CLI tool that may or may not still work, and API bindings for Python, probably other languages out there.

So I’m looking for instructions on how to edit the config file or actually script the REST API calls but maybe you don’t know either. It’s just too complicated for average users I guess. Little bit surprised that there is no official way to do basic stuff like add file, remove file as easily as with the CLI interface for IPFS.

The outdated CLI tool is… Outdated. And not official. No point using it since it might break at any time. That API bindings link for Python does not seem like the right tool for the job either.

Shrug. Let me know if you have some useful info.

I mean I like Syncthing and all, it would just be cool with some IPFS like CLI interface and easy to use.


Unlikely for the creator of Syncthing.

Best regards,

The average user uses the gui, not cli.


And you think it’s a good idea to release a syncing package that cannot be used from command line?

All respect to the original developer, if that’s the case. Glory to the innovator!

Just trying to figure out how to use Syncthing from the command line and why that hasn’t been prioritized.

I’ve had a look through the REST API already and I still say there should be an easy way to do standard things from the command line.

Of course it’s easy for users to say do this, do that. I greatly appreciate your efforts to do anything at all.

If you make Syncthing convenient to use from command line some time, please let me know, I’ll put it in production at once.

I’m happy they did. And I’m quite sure you’ll be very welcome to revive the syncthing-cli project by using the REST API.

You can use Syncthing from the commandline very easily (in my case, systemd will start it). You at the moment can configure it only by either manually editing the config.xml or using the REST interface or using the Web GUI. In this aspect it’s not much different to most other services I use on Linux. By far not all of them have a CLI tool for interactive configuration, most just have config files. So does Syncthing.


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