How can i build the p2p network?

Now ,i want to build the p2p network with the syncthing ! first , i set one device’s folder as the master folder , use it to control all files that in the p2p network ! so ,i have a question ? all other device need set the Introducer and connect to the master’s device ? all device will connect to each other ? if 10000 device join the p2p network , one device will connect to all other device ?

In principle, yes. Though when you have a 10000 device network a full mesh of connections is very inefficient. You want some different structure for that many devices.

hi Borg: Please give some advise ,thank you ! Maybe the syncthing face this kind question !

hi Borg: i want to use the syncthing as below , please give me some advise , thank you ! 1 , i build one serve that record the device that online , when the device that have join the p2p network ,then add self device id into the server database , when other device need ,then get the online device id ,and add the device id ! 2 , i develop one program that monitor the syncthing , when the syncthing’s connect device is zero , then get online device id ,and add the device id that online ! all the device is Introducer !

Is the syncthing have the limit that connect to the device’s count ?

Sorry, your English is unclear, and I have no clue what you are trying to achieve.

I think syncthing does have a theoretical connection limit of 32000.

Sorry , the English isn’t my mother tongue !i try my best to describe my question !!

thank you your help !!!

You can make vpn with all your devices.

It sounds like the best sulotion for you. If you want me to explain more let me know