How can i always use one device ID?

hi: i want to always use one device ID , this id is my master folder id ,i didn’t want change it ,so how can i do that ?

You have mentioned 2 different things:

The Device ID is used to identify a device. The Folder ID is used to identify a folder (share).

To share (Folder: XYZ) between (Device: Laptop) and (Device: Desktop) both devices have to have the unique Device IDs and use the same Folder ID.

For further information you should see the docs.

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hi: i want to create on device id ,then i want to always use this device id , when i change to other PC ,i also can use the device id that have used !

If you want to move a Syncthing instance (including ID) to another devices, you need to copy the cert.pem, key.pem and config.xml from inside the Syncthing config folder.

You can also copy the https-cert.pem and https-key.pem, if you want to use the same certificate for the https WebUI.

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You device ID “lives” in the cert.pem and key.pem files.

Although you shouldn’t try to copy them to another box to have two machines with the same device ID. Down that path there is only pain and suffering.

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thank you everyone !!

hi Borg: the cert.pem and key.pem files always can use ? if the syncthing update , the old cert.pem and key.pem files always can use ?

They don’t change between updates. Not, I assume, without warning at least.

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OK , thank you !!