How big of a performance impact can one expect form lowering Fs Watcher Delay?

Recently, I’ve been experimenting with lowering Fs Watcher Delay from 10 to just 1 second for specific folders that I want to sync almost immediately. The main reason for this is that on laptop/tablet devices, I want to be extra sure that everything gets synced when making changes right before the device enters sleep mode.

I’m just curious how much of a performance impact one can expect realistically when lowering the setting. I don’t think there is a way to reliably benchmark it, but I’m asking just out of curiosity based on how file watching works in general.

I’m also curious whether other sync solutions also use this kind of a delay, and if yes, how much it is. I did use Dropbox and Google Drive in the past, however I never paid enough attention to whether there was any delay or not, and I don’t think they mention these kind of detail in their documentation anyway.

The ticket author didn’t report back yet, but there seems to a problem with a low delay and lots of changes.

Also, you are probably more likely to miss out on rename detection and so on, as there might no longer be batched together.