How auto sync Master Folder? (Send Only)

I have two computers: Comp1-MasterFolder -> Comp2 But when new files appeared on the Comp1, the program stuck on Out Of Sync. Comp1 (Master) say me Out Of Sync:

  • Global State 1,245 245 ~442 MiB
  • Local State 2,080 477 ~588 MiB
  • Out of Sync Items 1067 items, ~0 B

But Comp2 Up to Date:

  • Global State 1,245 245 ~442 MiB
  • Local State 1,245 245 ~442 MiB

And do nothing

Please post screenshots of the folder side (or entire UI).

Looks like some deletions on the other side are pending.

I do not have a screenshot. All the messages at the top, but nothing else. I pressed the red button Override. It’s just strange, I pressed it yesterday. Today I restart computers copy file to master and again this error Out Of Sync. Press again. This is some kind of manual synchronization!

( I do not have a screenshot. ) Please create one. They are not expensive. Otherwise, we also take the log from both sides.

If you can’t provide screenshots we can’t really help as we don’t understand the state.

Are you sure you are interpreting correctly qhat master means? Master does not mean my copy is authorative, it means I refuse changes from others, and if others make changes I fall behind and stay out of sync.

ok, but in manual

How can a Master folder become “out of sync”? She’s always right. And why should I press? Just rewrite it to other devices.

It’s not right, read against what I’ve said. Forget master, master does not exist, if you find references to master, it’s coming from old threads before the rename (as the master name was confusing). There exists send only and send receive folders.

Send only means I only send my changes and refuse to accept changes made by others, which then means that if others make changes, I fall behind, because I refuse to download new/modified/deleted files.

The name does not matter. It’s just a term. And why does the second computer do not want to download new files? What are the justifications for this behavior??

A malicious actor deleting my files?

You mean that the second computer deleted some files? And what’s the problem? Just download from the original.

Well that’s what the send only folder does, refuses remote changes so that a copy of the data could be preserved.

Syncthing cannot figure out if the deletion on the 2nd Computer was intentional by the user or accidental. That’s why there is the send button.

OK. I think I understood.

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