How are others using syncthing with ownclod

Hello, We use owncloud for documentation storage and pdf viewer in our small office and we have the owncloud client installed on various office computers to backup documents to the owncloud server. I’ve only recently discovered syncthing and I’m interested to know why others are using syncthing along with their owncloud. I’ve read in the forums where people use syncthing and owncloud and I’m wondering why. Is syncthing a better or faster alternative to the owncloud client?

Thank you.

  • I have 3 devices that are always on, so two can be offline and my files will still be synced -> syncthing is more reliable in that case.
  • when I’m in the same LAN as one of those devices I can sync there a lot faster, shut down my computer and let the always on device distribute the files.
  • owncloud is running on one of them (shared hosting account with fast connections, others have rather slow connection) mainly for calendar and contacts, also as web interface for my synced files

Not sure if the owncloud client or syncthing is faster when you just connect to one central server. I never used the owncloud client because in my setup syncthing is definately better.