Hosting Syncthing

Hello, I could not look right about that, my question is: I have a web hosting (I have database, FTP, etc.), there is a way to host the Syncthing functioning as an online machine?

I have unlimited space in hosting, so I thought of using it as a cloud.

Is there a way?

Just run it on the machine?

is not quite my machine, is a hosting like Hostgator.

If you have a shell accounts, then you can download it and just run it.

And if you don’t have access to a shell account, you’d have to work with your hosting provider and ask them to make Syncthing an option on your account.

Yeah if you are using shared hosting like Bluehost, Hostgator, GoDaddy or Dreamhost you won’t be able to run Syncthing very easily.

Your better option is to setup a server at Digital Ocean on their $5 USD per month plan, and use their guide to install and setup Syncthing on their servers.

does anyone know how to do this using windows putty?

that’s kind of hard for me. I used the link from @xHN35RQ, but I can not step over: sudo cp syncthing / usr / local / bin of an error: sudo: effective uid is not 0, sudo is installed setuid root?

… almost giving up…

You should probably follow this guide first to make sure you have setup your server properly:

These guides are for Digital Ocean, not your current host. They won’t work if you are trying to follow the guide for your current hosting.

What is your current hosting provider?

You still can run syncthing without having sudo-rights. This step is solely for the purpose of having syncthing installed for ALL the users of the machine.

The simplyfied steps to run syncthing on any host (with shell access, that includes windows with putty) are:

  • download the binary from github ‘latest release’ – use wget as described in the tutorial – or use ftp or any other means to get the tar-file (or just the executable for the system) to the web-host
  • extract the tar-file with tar -xzvf <tar-file>
  • change directory into the extracted folder using the command cd <folder-name>
  • don’t know if the executable-bit is set for the binary, if not set it with the command chmod +x syncthing
  • start the syncthing binary with the command ./syncthing
  • success: syncthing is running on your host

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Thank you guys for your attention.

My hosting is Hostgator. Ok, I can not seem to run the syncthing:

[monitor] 15:19:57 WARNING: 4 restarts in 4.269830427s; not retrying further Top

That appeared after running syncthing. So close.

I contacted my server and they told me that it takes to install a dedicated server or VPS.

So that’s it. … Thanks for all the help

That may well be true, but the real reason syncthing couldn’t start is somewhere above the log entry you quoted. If you paste that, maybe you can get some help and advice from here.

I have successfully installed Syncthing on a shared hosting and it works fine. My hosting to told me I had to buy a VPS but it worked anyway. At what stage are you stock?

how did you do that? did you have root ssh?

I don’t know how @fmantov did it but you don’t need root access to use Syncthing.

You should run it as an unprivileged user, in which case you can run it out of some directory your user owns, like $HOME.

yeah right… I remembered my shared hosting, where I had shh but could not do anything :frowning:

Yes, you can do it if you have SSH access and even without root privileges. I have installed Syncthing on a subdomain just following the instructions. Yes I faced some troubles. I’ve fixed setting the service on port At this point your root folder is exposed to the web while you will find Syncthing at I have then created a index.php file to redirect all the traffic to

@calmh Maybe the redirect is something that could be set by default in Syncthing?

That redirect is something you do on your web hosting, not sure what it has to do with Syncthing as such? We don’t publish or expose your folders over HTTP.