Homebrew on OS X: Downgrading to match with latest Android version

(Dimitri Renault) #1

Hey all,

Just wanted to the share this as I was quite annoyed with my issue. All of a sudden my Android version (still on 0.13.7) became incompatible with my OS X version (upgraded to 0.14.0).

My aim was then to downgrade on OS X to match the Android version, here is how I did this:

rm -rf /usr/local/Cellar/syncthing/0.14.0/
cd $(brew --prefix)/Library/Formula
git checkout 534f02e syncthing.rb
brew upgrade syncthing
git reset HEAD syncthing.rb
git checkout -- syncthing.rb
  • Uninstall the latest, in my case 0.14.0.
  1. Checkout the target revision of syncthing.rb. I wanted 0.13.7 so that’s commit 534f02e... if you scroll down.
  2. Ask for upgrade: Homebrew will do it based on the checked out version of Library/Formula/syncthing.rb, so now the one pointing to 0.13.7.
  3. Revert to the latest commit. This means that a further upgrade would make Homebrew install 0.14.0 again.

And now my Mac and my Android handset sync again! I hope this will help other Homebrew OS X users.


You do not have to downgrade to 0.13.7. 0.13.10 would be enough. And by the way, syncthing-android 0.8.0, which is available since today, uses syncthing 0.14.

(Dimitri Renault) #3

I just wanted to provide a how-to about this should it happen again. For the sake of the example I targeted the exact same version.

Ok well good to know, first thing I tried of course was to upgrade the Android version but last time I looked it wouldn’t offer me anything new on Google Play. I’ll do that then :wink:


I don’t know much about Homebrew, but if it useful it would better fit in the “Howto” category, since it is not related to Android nor a support topic.

I’ve found the following documentation for installing specific versions with Homebrew. Maybe this would be useful for a Howto as well.

(Dimitri Renault) #5
brew info syncthing

This would list the versions already downloaded on the system, and yes from there it’s easy to switch from one another. My issue is that there was no 0.13.x package yet on my machine, so I had to find a way to get Homebrew to fetch me one.

Using homebrew/versions tap doesn’t work with Syncthing, for some reason it is not in the list: https://github.com/Homebrew/homebrew-versions

The ‘Howto’ category wasn’t available for me to pick when I posted, but please move it there if that’s an option for you.

(Felix Ableitner) #6

Good point, moved.