Highly modified files syncronization

I’m trying to use Syncthing as a core component for a replication solution.

I’m replication some ERP system files. The main challenge of this solution it’s due the fact of those files been changed a lot of times in the space of a minute.

When I start replicating those errors appears a lot of times:

INFO: Puller (folder "my-erp-system-data", file "system\\sxf.dtc"): pull: peers who had this file went away, or the file has changed while syncing. will retry later

I don’t know if I fully understood the message error, it’s basically saying that the file has been modified (The file wasn’t deleted.) during the synchronization process?

How can I overcome this?

Stop modifying it? You need to get into some consistent state for syncthing to be able to catch up.

Hello Audrius, thanks for your contribution. Unfortunetly this is impossible.

Those modifications are controlled internally by the ERP system, I can’t change (don’t have access) this behaviour.

Assuming that this isn’t possible, are you saying that the only way I could sync those files are when the system is down?

Well how do you expect it to ever catch up if the files never stop changing? It will do it’s best, but it will keep spitting errors along the way.

Writes to a local disk are much faster than sending stuff to some undefined number of peers over the network.

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