High system load from Conhost

Hi again,

since yesterday i have a problem with synchting.

It happened like 4 times now.

Always while i was playing Starcraft 2.

Suddenly SC2 does not respond anymore - i opened the taskmanager and saw syncthing using some CPU and conhost using a lot CPU.

First time i tried to kill conhost, bust windows warned me, that the system can not run without it. So i logged in to the syncthing web ui and shut it down.

Logging in and shutting it down was not easy as the whole computer was super slow due to the conhost problem.

Once ST was down the problem was gone immediately, but my SC2 game could not resume, since it was a co-op and the other player was gone already.

Today again while playing SC2 the problem happened again. This time i was prepared (taskmanager already open) and once it happened i killed ST. The problem was gone, but within a few minutes it came back twice.

The first time was version 1.2.9, after that i updated to 1.3.0. So the problem occured with both version.

I run on Windows 10 Pro (64 bit).

Any ideas? Anything i can do if it happens again?

Try setting task priority in task manager to low.

Or take a peek at the logs, or set up logging there is none. conhost sounds like console output, i.e. log data, which shouldn’t normally be that plentyful.

Is there a way to enable logging into rotating log files (on windows)?

p.s. Currently i run in -no-console mode.

If you use SyncTrayzor it keeps the last few Syncthing logs and also prevents any console windows from opening.

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