High CPU with 0.14.41 on Windows 10 64bit with no current activity

I have several devices that sync since some days with SyncThing 0.14.41.

I use synctrazor on clients and I have a central server for backups that I use as “Introducer” device.

I have >20 shared folders with > 200GB and > 100k files (count).

Not all folders are synced between all devices.

On 1 device I have constantly very high CPU usage, also if there is only 100mb memory used an no current disk activity. (Seen in Resource Monitor of Windows).

Any ideas?

Regards Ingo

Version Information Syncthing Version: v0.14.41 OS Version: Windows 10 64bit

High cpu usage is expected when scanning or when downloading/syncing. A screenshot from that device would help. Also check the logs.


I’m not sure what logs I could send without revealing too much private information.

Here is a screenshot of my device. CPU is high since days.

The arrow marked sync with one device does not come to an end.

In Windows Resource Monitor I can see that there is currently no disk activity by “syncthing.exe”.

Regards Ingo

This is what it’s doing:

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Yes, I understand that of course. Scanning takes CPU. But there is no disk activity. And on other machines with the same shared folders it is a complete different picture. <10% CPU also during “Scanning”.

Probably that just means that CPU is the bottleneck. If you go to longer time intervals, I’d guess there is some disk activity. What is a bit weird on the screenshot that there is either no scanning progress percentage or it is at 0%. But I guess that just means Syncthing is too busy doing other stuff (scanning) to send scan progress events.

In all the folders is almost no file change. The flag “syncing” does one show up for ~5sec per folder because there is no change.

I use SyncThing since some days to keep different machines in sync. On all machines except this one it works as I would expect it…

I have changed all folders to 1800sec between syncs. And I set fsWatcherEnabled to true for all folders on that machine…

Permission problems, antivirus issues, hardware defects… No idea, really, but several possibilities.

That should not be the cause of the problem here, but you probably shouldn’t enable fsWatcherEnabled if you are using SyncTrayzor - it has it’s own change detection integrated.

Did this happen after the upgrade to 0.14.41?

Interesting for me that this message remains and does not change for hours…

2017-12-23 12_31_16-SyncTrayzor

Both machines are online in the same net. The folder is shared between 4 machines.

I tried to read syncthing logs to find an action related to this folder but I cannot see a thing.

0.14.41 is my first version of syncthing!

The new settings seems to work better and file system watcher seens to work as expected.

I thought “SyncTrazor” is just a kind of GUI for syncthing with conflict detection?

Thanks für help!

Regards Ingo

I would describe it as an “Windows integration” - not “just” GUI, also some utilities around it (one of it is the watcher). It would be very stupid, but maybe the two watchers somehow interact and trigger each other - that sounds like crazy talk, but it’s Windows so who knows. Does the problem persist when you uncheck fsWatcherEnabled?

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