High CPU usage on Windows

I have two Windos PCs with the same folders sahred and the same config (nested folders). One of them has a very high cpu load. In the screenshot you can see that the cpu is doing. In this period not one singe file has been changed. All folders are up to date and no file transfer happend in this period.

The cpu load only comes from syncthing. I checked the logs but couldn’t see anything suspicious.

cpu type: AMD A6-3410MX (4x 1,6GHz) os: Windows 7 x64

Syncthing config:

Try increasing the rescan interval and see if that helps.

Already done for some folders. But it didn’t help much. Is this usage normal for 80GB?

Depends on the CPU. You can try STTRACE=all or just STTRACE=model to see what it’s doing. Do you have any other values tweaked?

I still have this problem and I like to limit the CPU usage to one core. I am using synctrazor to run syncthing. Can I use GOMAXPROCS as system variable to achieve my goal? Or is there a more elegant way?

You should use the env var.

You can set env vars for Syncthing in File -> Settings -> Syncthing -> Advanced -> Syncthing Environmental Variables

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thanks this helped

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