High CPU load @idle when using Syncthing-GTK

On one of my machines (Ubuntu Gnome 14.10 x64), Syncthing keeps using CPU after startup. CPU doesn’t idle even after hours.

It uses 30% CPU reported by GTK-GUI:

and 5-12% CPU reported by the system:

Also, memory usage reported by GTK-GUI is some MB lower than reported by the system.

On other machines (Linux x64, Windows x64) CPU is usually at 0% but spikes every 30-40 seconds to the maximum of one core for 2-3 seconds. Since all machines use Syncthing-GTK’s option “monitor file system for changes” (Linux) for every folder or syncthing-GTK + syncthing-inotify (Windows), this behaviour is a mystery to me.

All of these problems are gone as soon as I quit Syncthing-GTK (syncthing and syncthing-inotify are still up). Syncthing’s (process) CPU use is constantly 0%@idle. It is irrelevant if Syncthing-GTK is minimized or not. If it is there, I have unexplainable CPU load. If it’s gone, idle is idle.

Is this a known issue?

Sounds like polling for updates, requiring database scans to provide the info.

Should I report this to Syncthing-GTKs issue tracker?