High (>1 gig) memory usage on Windows

The title says it all.

Windows 7, 64 bit. 16 gig of memory

SyncThing v0.11.7

Syncthing is using over a gig of memory. I found a post talking about the databaseBlockCacheMiB, but not sure what I should set it to. I’ve set it to 64 for now


Just saw that after sitting here for about 24 hours, nothing happening on the computer, it is now taking 1.6 gig of memory.

What is going on here?

That could be virtual memory, not physical memory.

No, it’s physical. and is causing problem for me, system keeps running out of memory.

Try setting databaseBlockCacheMiB to something like 8. Also, you might want to set GOGC=25 environment variable, which should hopefully invoke the garbage collector more often.

How much data are you dealing with?

Also, Check out -help which explains how to run a heap profiler.

I’m syncing one main directory. Inside that are 3-4 directories, each with about 3 gig of data in many (hundreds) of files.

I’m also having a problem with deleting entire directories on one system, and then the sync seems to hang because it is having problems dealing with the deleted files/directories, here is an exampl message from the stdout on the linux server:

[V3MM5] 06:06:52 WARNING: Folder “Kerbal_1.0” isn’t making progress - check logs for possible root cause. Pausing puller for 1m0s.

That could mean that you simply removed folders while the directory was being synced, and potentially could resolve itself.

Stdout should have more clues about why it’s happening if that does not go away.

I’m sure that I did remove folders while it was being synced. However, I let it sit all night, and it never resolved. I had to log on to the server and delete them manually.