Hige CPU load on OnePlus One

If syncthing is started on my Android phone I get a hige CPU loade. Even if all repository are synced the CPU load is around 50~120 %.

I have 5 repository’s configert whith 3000 files and 2 other sync partner’s.

Is this normal?

Which version? Can you run CPU profiling to see what’s causing it?

I do not know what tools I should use for CPU profiling. But the CPU monitor I installed reports that the libsyncthing.so is causing the loade.

The versione is 0.10.3. And the android app is 0.5.6.

I guess you’d need a rooted phone, and starthing libsyncthing.so from the command line.

Check ./libsyncthing.so --help for how to enable profiling. That should produce a file at the directory of the lib.

I belief I found the reason.

I have syncthing installed on 3 devices, but not all devices are on line at the same time. On my NAS syncthing is running all the time. Then I start syncthing on my Android device and I’m getting a high CPU load (~90%). Then I start syncthing also on my desktop PC and after 10 seconds the CPU load on the Android device is back to normal (~6%). If I stop syncthing on the desktop PC later the CPU load on the Android stays normal. But if I stop and start syncthing on the Android while it’s stopped at the desktop PC the CPU load gets high again.

And now the problem is gone.

I was using using hostname:port instead of dynamic, because I also disabled global and local discovery. So I tried what happened if I enable dynamic, and the problem was gone. But after switch back to static hostname:port configuration the problem didn’t came back.

I think the CPU load might be due to hashing which just happens to happen as you transfer? Or perhaps due to the NAS?

You are right. The problem was not caused by the absence off the PC.

The CPU is going high if I open the directory tap in the native GUI. If I open the device tap the phone returns to idel.

I will check if I can reproduce this behavior on my old phone.

So i tyred if I have the same behaver on my old smart phone. And I can confirm that it behaves the same. It only take a bit longer befor the CPU load is going down when i switch back from the directory tap to the device tap.

I tryed to run libsyncthing.so with options but I got permission problems for the config file. I