Hide the device list

If the list of connected devices grows the current UI gets confusing.

What people think of hiding the list of connected devices on the start page?

Instead the folder list should have a clickable list of devices which have access to the folder. Then I could browse the folder info block for connected devices.

Currently we have a non clickable list of shared folders in the device section. This list should be clickable so that I can jump from the device info block to the folder info block.

Maybe hiding a block shold be an option so that the user can decide whether he wants a folder centric view or a device centric. Or is happy with the current view.


I find it useful. Maybe a mock-up would work?

I am extreme bad at this.

On second thought I’ve got the idea of having file cards with folder and device infos.

Configuration wise, that might make sense. It would leave space for a third (first) main view, or overview, showing the connections between folders and devices, the status of them, and any data flowing etc.

That’s pretty much what I’m doing on Android.

But that is because screen space is limited. On a desktop, there should be enough space to show both side by side imo. This seems to add pretty annoying of you want to see both folders and devices.