Helping with Korean translation

No-one seems to be currently updating the Korean translation, and there are quite a few untranslated strings. Although not a native speaker, I am basically fluent in the language.

Would it be possible to have myself added to the Korean team on Transifex to help with the translation?

Can you not just join the team? As far as I know it’s open.

This is how it looks like. It does not seem possible to be able to join the Korean team on my own.

Then I don’t know. The team is set to allow anyone to join, and I’ve never had to add or invite anyone before. :man_shrugging:

Maybe Transifex does not allow the same person to join multiple languages? I think that this may be the case, because I do remember being able to join the Polish team freely.

Did you actually log in?

Yeah, I am logged in (with GitHub) and can translate the Polish strings, but nothing else.

Yeah, no idea. Perhaps see if you can “join the team” somehow first?

It does not seem possible :sweat:. If I remember correctly, I had to choose a language when I first applied to join the Syncthing team, but now, once I am already a member, there does not seem to be choice any more. If I click on the “Translate” button, I am taken straight to the Polish language and I cannot see any way to change/switch it, or add a new one for that matter.

I’ve sent the invitation.

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Thank you! I can switch between the two languages now :slightly_smiling_face:.