Help with ports (2 computer in LAN, 1 over Internet)


Trying to configure Syncthing (works somehow!). Here’s my setup using latest Syncthing (0.13.10).

I share 1 folder X with 3 computers: 2 computers are on the same LAN (they are able to share folder X). While at the office, my office computer can share folder X with one of the computer in my home LAN, but doesn’t seem to be able to see the other computer.

My question is : do I need to manually set a different Listening Port for both computer? e.g. 22000 for computer #1 (which is actually a Synology NAS) and 22001 for computer #2? And forward these port in my router to the correct LAN IP ?

Thanks a lot!

How do you do the port forward at the moment. If you use UPnP, it should work.

If you use manual port forwarding, global discovery will not work with same ports, so you will either have to change ports or set the device addresses manually.

The global descovery server will get the info “I am reachable on port {listening_port} on the ip from which I just connected”. So using different wan port to the same lan port on different internal IPs won’t work.

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Well, UPnP is enabled. If I understand correctly, different port will be used and set automatically? Since UPnP is enabled, i have not forwarded any ports, thinking it would be enough. Since I only seem to be able to connect to only one of the computers and with 2 computers on the home LAN, I thought that perhaps I needed to go the “manual” route with port forwarding.

I’ve opened ports in the firewall of my NAS (the device that I can see), but I didn’t looked into the firewall of computer #2 (Windows 10).

Btw, most of the time (only 2 days testing though), the link between my office and my home NAS is through a relay server. But I did had a direct connection once, which lasted for a couple of hours (initial syncing).

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