Help with permissions please

Thanks for inventing Syncthing! I gave up on Resilio Sync, there were too many missed items. Syncthing seems much more responsive! But I am having some problems with creating folders on a synced device whose contents are not accessible on the other device.

Syncthing is running on my TruNAS (BSD) in a jail. It is also running on my Macbook Pro (MBP). I am the only user of these synced items.

So far just three separate master folders are read & write synced between the two devices (computers). When I take the MBP on location I want to be able to read, write and access the synced folders and when I bring the MBP back home they will sync.

Right now I have TN1_Documents (volume name on the TruNAS server) mounted via SMB on my MBP to check that the sync is working. I also of course have a local folder on the MBP that is synced to the TruNAS.

On the MBP, I took a folder called “Andy Wehmeyer” (the name of a client) that’s inside a mounted folder, and copied it to a folder that’s inside the master syncthing synced folder.

This folder appears locally in the synced folder on the MBP and I can manipulate its contents perfectly. BUT, on the corresponding folder that’s also mounted on the MBP, I could only see the folder “Andy Wehmeyer”, but I could not get into it. It had a red marker on it: It showed it has 0 items, although I know it has a bunch of items.

So, figuring it was a permissions issue, I SSH’ed to the TruNAS mounts inside the TruNAS jail, and changed the permissions of “Andy Wehmeyer” to 777 (I know that 777 is not a great choice but I did it anyway), using chmod -R 777. This fixed the permissions issue and now I can see and manipulate the contents of the folder on the mounted share or on the synced local folder.

Owner of all the items is “staff” and the staff group ID on the Mac matches the staff group ID on the TruNAS in the jail (ID = 20).

How can I resolve these permissions issues so they don’t occur again? Do I have to give the Syncthing app some kind of uber permission? Syncthing (on both machines) is NOT ignoring any attributes, so it should be syncing permissions. I don’t know if that’a a good or a bad thing! The shares are mounted on the MBP through SMB with the user “bobkatz”. But I have to manipulate permissions through SSH into the jail.

Hope this helps, thanks in advance.

By the way, Syncthing in the jail reports its version as 13.2-p9. Syncthing on the Mac is 1.27.3-1. I have no idea how to update Syncthing on the TruNAS.

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