Help with custom relay server

I installed syncthing on windows 10, also i have the android app on my phone. I have sncthing and relay server on my laptop and what i want to do is to make the laptop and android able to communicate each other with my own relay server and so far no success. Im using no-ip hostname and so far i don’t know where in the configuration i need to put the relay hostname to be able to make it work. I tried to read the docs but still i can’t make it work. Any help please. Thank you

Actually you don’t need the relay server. Your PC and your mobile phone should find each other without any further configuration.

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I know. What I want to do is to have it private so me amd coworkers can share each other files

You still do not need a relay for this… I don’t think you really want a relay that goes offline when you move your laptop.

Can you explain why you are using a relay?

Syncthing will connect directly to other instances and will only use a relay when a direct connection isn’t possible.

Also the public relays cannot read the data as it is transferred so unless your workplace has strict security rules it should not be a problem.

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I want to be able to make it work in any situation, not depending in public pools or global servers

Then what is the difference between a Syncthing instance running on your laptop with port forwarding in your home router (which doesn’t work, if it’s outside your home) and running a relay server on your laptop with port forwarding in your home router and connect through that (which also doesn’t work, if it’s outside your home)?

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I made it work. Thank you

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