HELP wifi device problem

After use syncthing my wifi on device dead

What do you mean exactly?

If you’ve got a slow or low quality network card and Syncthing takes all the bandwidth, then you may indeed end up being unable to use the network for anything else (source: personal experience). The remedy is to limit the bandwidth in order to leave some room for other activities. You can do this in the Syncthing Web GUI in Actions → Settings, but you will probably need to enable “Limit Bandwidth In Lan” in the Advanced Configuration too.

How much to limit it to will depend entirely on your specific setup, but in my case I’ve had an old laptop that needed to be limited to just 1 MB/s or otherwise it was impossible to even control the Web GUI remotely on it, and on another device I’ve got to limit it to 2 MB/s.

However, there can also be a situation, where the router is very weak, and as such it can’t sustain pushing large amounts of data without lagging and/or bringing the whole network down during the synchronisation.

Reboot is good?

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