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First I wanted to say, that Syncthing is a great app and wasn’t too much of a challenge to set up for someone with limited knowledge of Linux. Sadly I’ve mis-understood the configuration and lost a lot of content which I want to understand the correct way better before downloading again.

I have a “Media” folder on a Seedbox ( and have a “Media” folder on a Local Server (Debian). When content falls into the Seedbox folder that isn’t on the Local Server folder I’d like Syncthing to send the content over. When content is added to the Local Server folder I don’t want the content transferred to the Seedbox. (Seedbox is 250GB, Local Server is 3TB)

I set the folders up with the Seedbox being “Send Only” and the Local Server being “Send/Receive” and overnight the sync ran great with all my Seedbox content being on the Local Server but my Local Server content not being transferred to the Seedbox. GREAT!

BUT - I then deleted the content from the Seedbox and my heart sank when I noticed the content was also deleted from the Local Server - I’ve messed up.

So before I re-download the content I’d like to properly configure the Sync… could someone with more experience advise on how I could achieve the intended result? I know that strictly speaking “Sync” means the same content on both but it seems to be the best tool available on the Seedbox capable of the job.

Thanks in advance!


It seems what you did is right and that shouldn’t happen. Best I can suggest is to use the same setup again and do it with dummy files to provide it does what you expect

Hi Audrius,

Thank you for taking the time to respond. I tested again today with a test folder and files and confirm what I describe above consistently removes files from the Local Server when I delete from the Seedbox.

On the Local Server instance of Syncthing I did find the ignoreDelete option which appears to be working well based on current tests.

Does that sound right?

Thanks, Brydo.

Sorry, I am not sure what setup you are after, but you should make folders “Send only” at the location that you wish not to receive changes to, so it seems you’ve mixed things around.

You could do this by setting the IgnoreDelete advanced configuration on your server. This will prevent deletes on your seedbox to be executed on your server.

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