Help needed with error: "scan: Time.UnmarshalBinary: no data"

Hi folks, I have around 32 Cryptomator related files failing to sync being stored on a NTFS formatted drive attached to a Raspberry Pi running Syncthing as a headless server. I get the following error below but I can’t find anything about it online.

scan: Time.UnmarshalBinary: no data

Thanks in advance for the help.

YOu should post the full errors, and potentially logs around it.

Sounds like there are filesystem errors on that NTFS volume.

First try ntfsinfo (from the NTFS-3g package) on some or all of those 32 problem files to see if there’s an issue with the metadata. Then unmount it and run ntfsfix on the NTFS volume.

I don’t think so, that looks like an unmarshal error from our mtimefs, though I’ve never seen/heard about that before.

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