Help Needed: Access is denied error

Hi, I have a SVN repo that is stored on a NAS and mapped to V drive, which I am trying to sync to another PC on D drive. But I get the following errors on multiple folders:

INFO: Puller (folder “Repo”, dir “Web\Vecta\db\transactions\947-rq.txn”): chmod \?\V:\Repo\Web\Vecta\db\transactions\947-rq.txn: Access is denied.

I can access these files and it does not seem to be a permission problem.

Can anyone help with regards to why? Thanks in advance.

What user is syncthing running as and what permissions are on that file?

I am running syncthing on windows, the NAS share requires proper permissions, of which I have, and mapped to V drive. I do not know what user syncthing is running at, and would appreciate pointers to find out. It’s possible that syncthing does not have permission to the NAS, and would appreciate pointers. Sorry for being a noob.

The network share permissions and the local permissions often differ, so you may need to confirm both allow the syncthing user to read/write them. Use google for instructions for how to check such permissions (I’m not a Windows user).

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Problem solved by setting one repo to master. I’m not gonna change the other folder anyways, so this works. Thanks a million.

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