Help for translating

Hi devs

Very recently 2 new strings were created/updated that I feel hard to translate as I can’t easily simulate:

130 Failed to load file versions.
376 There are no file versions to restore.

Please let me know if they are related to a single file or both single+several depending on the case.

Thank you and have a nice day

I think these apply to whatever might have been selected by the user in the restore dialog, so potentially anything from a directory to multiple files or whatever.

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See the relevant PR for a screenshot and context where they are used:

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The above is the one the users are most likely to actually see. It essentially means that the Versioning folder is empty.

Thank you André, that’s what I searched in github to not disturb but didn’t found when using one of the strings… Unfortunately my skills in coding doesn’t seem to help me as I can’t see in the code what triggers/were is used this strings: {…} statement. Don’t worry… I’ll learn, un jour ou l’autre.

Yes, these ones are not quite easy to spot, because they are just given as configuration values to a third-party library (the fancytree package). Glad I could help.