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This is embarrassing… I set up Syncthing on my Ubuntu and Android phone a while back, but don’t remember any of the details. Apparently it is still up an running on my server, because I can log into the web GUI just fine. I’ve switch phones since everything was configured, so it hasn’t been backing up in a while but it was working great prior to this.

I’m preparing to install a new Linux distro on my server and was hoping to grab my Syncthing config files before I format the HDD. The problem is, I have no idea where they are!

I’m not a CLI power user, but I’m good at following instructions. Can someone provide a few commands to help me track down my config files?

Process information; image

syncthing -paths should tell you

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When I try to navigate into the configuration file, I get;


use ps aux to see which user runs syncthing.

Syncthing is running under my local (non-root) user account.

When I try to cd to that “/root/.config” directory as that user, I get a permission denied message.

If syncthing is run under your user, it doesn’t use /root/.config/. Run syncthing --paths as the user, who runs syncthing, to see the real config path.

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You rock! Should I just grab this whole directory for re-implementation on my new distro?

Only if you are currently in sync and the “new distro” has exactly the same files (including mod time) and folders (inside the synced folder) in the same directories.

Do NOT, repeat, NOT ( as in NOT, meaning NOT [notter, notest, notester] ) copy the config folder from one machine to some other and running both parallel with the same Host ID.

You will end up in a lot of work renaming sync-conflict files.

Been through this mess when I installed a new laptop and copied .config/syncthing from the old machine. You don’t want that mess :sunglasses: Renaming 70k files isn’t fun at all.

It’s much easier to just reinstall syncthing and configure from scratch.

Thanks for the warning. I’ll just use the prior config files as a reference when setting up the new server. My setup is pretty simple, it’s a one-way sync from my phone to my server by setting the “ignore delete” to true on the phone.


  1. Will the new setup acknowledge the status of the old setup? I.E. will it only sync new changes, or will it try to re-sync everything?
  2. Do the files inside my config directory capture all the settings I see in the web GUI?

I’m almost there, thanks for all your help!

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